Hey – That’s Me!

I am an Accountant, Dublin based.  In our practice, we look after year end accounts, and provide bookkeeping and outsourced payroll services, companies secretarial and tax compliance and advisory work, unquoted share valuations, for many SMEs and sole traders in Ireland.  I am a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

I want to empower you with quality information to grow your business, while making my service and expertise accessible and affordable to SMEs.

So the purpose of this site is to share knowledge (free financial advice)* to enable readers to understand a little more about the financial aspect of their business, with a view to becoming financially free during the course of their lives. *General advice, not tailored but focused on helping you understand your financial goals and ways to achieve them.

Financial freedom is a goal for most people but unfortunately, when people need advice, they can least afford it. This site shares articles, information and some insights into what it takes to become financially free. Whether you’re working for someone else right now and want to become self-employed or if you’re self-employed but haven’t got to grips with the financial side of the business; there is info in here for you.

Looking after clients accounting and tax compliance needs, taking headaches away, ensuring people understand the impact of taxes and other financial matters, keeps me happy.

Form a good relationship with your accountant and tax advisor.  Look beyond accounting to find a ‘partner’ for your business.  Be sure to meet and discuss your business issues. Don’t leave preparing your year end accounts or tax returns on the long finger. Prepare your returns early. Allow plenty of time for review and ensure your accountant has all your information. Being proactive with clients allows us to talk to clients about their needs and finances without the undue pressure of looming deadlines.

If you’re looking for an accountant, Dublin based, to partner with you whether you are starting a new business in Ireland or as your business grows, or you need financial advice, contact Wendy – wendy@wmco.ie or call 086 3090375 for more information.

While we are Dublin based, (and I live in Laragh, Co. Wicklow), we work with clients all over the country and abroad.  Technology allow us to service clients needs online.  Being an ‘online accountant’, Ireland, while we may be a small country, is home to some of the best businesses in the world.

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