Best ways to hold yourself accountable

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As a small business owner, you must be good at keeping yourself accountable for your actions, plans and follow through.

Who’s got your back?

It can help if you have a good support team of like-minded business owners in your network that you talk to regularly.

If you have a network, but do not actively use it as an accountability tool, have a think about below and consider filtering who you talk to on a regular basis.  This will help you achieve your goals quicker and keep you on track. 

Many great people who have achieved great things, had a ‘master-mind’ group.  Who you speak to regularly will influence your attitude and behaviours?

 You know the saying; you are the sum of your five closest friends.  I find this is true of business owners and their network colleagues also.

Things to watch for in your accountability partners or network:

✔ Do they have a ‘can-do’ attitude?

✔ Are they always looking to solve problems and help, or do they complain?

✔ Do they stay accountable or are they excuse makers?

✔ Is your energy higher or lower after talking to them?

Everyone is feeling pressure due to covid-related issues.  Health concerns and economic and family concerns. The ‘Uncertainty’ factor is a massive pain point. 

Therefore, to stay on track in your own business MUST be your priority.  Focus on what you want to achieve each month and break it down into your weekly and daily schedule. 

Be determined to walk your own path. 

If you do not have a large support team, it is important to have good advice or a person to talk things over with.  Working with business owners that are sole directors of companies, I can be a sounding board for many issues or concerns you may face.  

Your accountant can be a listening ear, a sounding board, a source of knowledge and a general support or accountability partner to help keep you on track each year. 

I know during recessionary times; many people take stock of what they are receiving for the accountancy fees they pay, and people are much more ‘value’ focused.  If you are looking for a new advisor, someone who can work ‘with’ you to help you and your business, be sure to check out my recent article of things I would look for if I was changing advisor.

If I can assist in any way, be sure to get in touch.  I work with small businesses in Ireland and if you are on LinkedIn or Instagram, I post updates and share knowledge on those social media sites regularly.


[13 July 2020]

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