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The ONE question I get asked time and again, is why I love what I do 🤷‍♂️ I know it’s is a mystery to people who don’t enjoy their numbers and yes, I’m an accountant but hear me out…

Do you want to grow your business? Do you have a passion for what you do and the line of work you’re in? If so, then I’m like you… I just happen to enjoy the logic of numbers. Specifically, how they can help business owners see what’s working and what isn’t working.

Numbers don’t lie. They give you instant feedback if you’re watching and over time, when you’re paying attention, can reveal some interesting patterns.


Compliance work is a basic standard that should be accomplished. This is not something I’d expect a client to come to me for. Every accountant should provide this.

Interesting though………This week the Irish Revenue system crashed on the Income Tax deadline day. This didn’t affect either me or my clients. They had their returns filed. Some very early and some closer to deadline but the point is, it should never be left until the very last minute.

I firmly believe we should focus on looking after our personal taxes earlier than anything else. Prioritise yourself and your family and ensure you make savings, potentially through pensions or at least ensure all tax reliefs are used.

How many mistakes could be made with a system (aka your accountant) under so much pressure at the last minute? Worth thinking about.

Watching Clients Grow

When working with clients, whether they are in business 3 years or 30 years, it’s always a joy to see people change and grow, get outside their comfort zone and try new things. I enjoy watching clients grow from strength to strength, both personally and professionally.

So, where does my passion lie?

Working with clients who actively grow their business. Note here I didn’t say ‘actively WANT to grow their business’ but I mean the people who are putting in the time, figuring out what else to try, how to grow, learn more and basically living for their passion. Not the talkers, the do-ers!

People who are focused on much more than the status quo, who have great values and ideals and who consider the world around them, the impact they are having on the world at large and contributing in a positive way.

One client published the nicest #appreciationTuesday note on LinkedIn recently. He kindly said:

Wendy Merrigan FCA an absolute warrior woman with an unbelievable passion for helping others realise their potential. People who know… know how professional Wendy is and how much she enjoys seeing businesses thrive.

Thank you, Tom!!

What next for your business?

Remember if you’re trying new things (for example, recording videos for your business ahem…🤣) while it is work and not play, don’t forget not to take yourself too seriously. Every self -employed person (as well as employed) face challenges every day. Everything we do is hard before it’s easy and we all have to start somewhere. Don’t waste time wondering what could be. Action anything you feel will help your business grow, don’t listen to the negative nancy’s that haven’t put themselves out there and stay consistent with what you know is working or will work.

And ALWAYS remember cash is king. Cash, profit, then sales and never the other way around. Make the sale, it should be profitable but collecting the cash and what you do with it, is what matters for you, not just your business, in the long term. 

If you’d like more than a ‘compliance’ accountant, want to build a relationship and talk about your numbers in a logical, proactive way, get in touch.

Email; to set up a call or meeting.  We’ll have a chat about your business and how you’re growing it.

Have a lovely weekend folks

P.S. Thank you to John Murray for the blooper photo when doing my headshot!


[15 November 2019]
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