New Routine – Tips

 In Accountant Dublin

Have you settled into a new routine yet?

This is a short note for anyone looking to settle into their new routine.  If you work better from a routine, hard as it might be right now, it would be good to find a routine that will work for you and your loved ones as this ‘new normal’ is continuing.

Tips for staying on track :

  • ALWAYS work from a list
  • Write down what you want to achieve for the week
  • Allocate tasks to particular days
  • Do a short note each evening before you log off of what you will do the next day
  • SINGLE task
  • Leave email and social media on silent or off completely until you get through your tasks

It’s a tough time to get through work however, how you start your day usually flows through and can make your day good or potentially, not so good.  You know those days??

Protect your head space early in the day.

Focus on the positives and be conscious of talking about things outside your control (tough on you) or within your control (easier on you).

Have a good week,



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