Saying ‘Thanks’ to staff (using the tax free vouchers)

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As we approach December, it’s a good time to consider the small benefits (tax free) allowed by Revenue to say thanks to employees.

This really is a ‘small’ benefit. It would be nice to have this amount increased, but we work with what we have!

The amount allowable is still unchanged at €500 per employee voucher.


  • One voucher allowed per year.
  • They cannot be redeemed for cash (should be for goods or services).
  • Unused amounts don’t get carried forward (use it or lose it each year).
  • You can’t split the €500 into two vouchers for one person (it must be one voucher for €500 or less).
  • Any other vouchers thereafter are taxed.

However large or small your staff numbers, it’s a good time to consider cash flow for next month and set aside the money for vouchers if you plan to use these to say ‘Thanks’.

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[8 November 2019]
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