2 Minute Test – How Can You Grow Your Business?

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Take out a pen and paper.  Put a stopwatch on 2 minutes and you HAVE to come up with 5 ways to Grow Your Business.  Could you?

Most people can when we do this exercise.  With more time and reflection, you can then list which ways will help you quickest.

Next step, with each of your options, write a list of what you’d have to do in order to make each work.  Break out all the little tasks, list everything.

With at least 19 working days, you still have time to make progress in 2019.

While everyone else is winding down for Christmas, this can be a good time to keep going with your own action plan.

The Christmas break is long and relaxing.  Rather than starting to wind down too early, now is a good time to focus on YOUR business.  With everyone else relaxing, it’s a good time for undisturbed focus.

If you did the 2 minute exercise above, is there a new skill you wanted to learn or improve upon that could help you grow your business?  If so, find a course online or get reading up on this now.  19 days can make a big impact.

How to stay focused while everyone else is winding down?

  • Always work from a list (monthly, weekly and daily)
  • Do the daily list the day before
  • Eliminate distractions (Switch off your email for a few hours each day.  I use ear plugs – what works for you?)
  • Batch tasks – making calls? Do them all at the one time. Sending statements – again, do them all together
  • Single Task – this one can make a HUGE difference to your day. If you get distracted easily, then decide today you will now single task.  You won’t move onto the next thing or check your emails or take calls until you’ve done what you needed to get done first.
  • Eat Your Frog – do the worst first. This helps you fly through the rest of your day feeling productive.
  • Learn to say ‘NO’ more often.

“The difference between successful people and really successful people, is that really successful people say no to almost everything” – Warren Buffett

It’s great to relax and get into the festive spirit.  Enjoy the lunch, dinner and party invites but don’t miss the opportunity to get a few things done before you call it a day on 2019.  Every day you can improve your business, learn something new and keep moving forward.

If you enjoy pushing yourself that little bit harder, be sure Santa buys you a present of the book ‘The 12 Week Year’.

Have a fantastic week


[25 November 2019]
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