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As mentioned in the last article, your website is your shopfront online. A visual representation of you and your business.  Keeping up with the changing market and perhaps your changing business model or offering, can leave your website outdated very quickly.

No matter what stage you are in your business life, having an up-to-date online representation is a definite ‘must’ in this digital age. Once we meet someone new, the first thing we do to check them out is look at their website, their LinkedIn, perhaps other social sites too. The social sites can be easier and quicker to update yourself. Updating your website can sometimes be the one that is left until last as it feels like a bigger, more expensive or time consuming task, the chore of writing content!

As I meet new clients or talk to existing clients, I often review their website to check out whether what I know and like about the person is online or not. People buy people. Undisputed fact, especially here in Ireland. We focus on relationship building and engaging with people, rather than selling our services. If you aren’t showcasing what your core values and beliefs are (in relation to your business) I believe your website is somewhat lacking (my personal opinion only).

Updating your website to ensure it’s modern, easy to use, functional, directing potential clients to find articles or interesting facts about your business that is of interest to THEM, and of course, either how to contact you or how to order your products in the quickest way possible, doesn’t have to feel like a challenge.


Did you know you could apply for a voucher towards the cost of updating your website to the value of €2,500?

The Local Enterprise Office (LEOs) offer Online Trading Vouchers for small businesses. I don’t have stats to hand but from my world of looking at accounts year-round of clients or potential clients, I don’t see many getting the use of these vouchers, even when I’ve seen costs associated with updating websites.

I’m using Niall Robinsons article here as a shortcut. Thanks Niall. 😊 http://socialsearch.ie/local-enterprise-office-offers-online-trading-vouchers-small-businesses/

For those of you that don’t know Niall, a large part of his business is helping clients update their website or creating new pages for new businesses. I have used his phrase of ‘your website being your shopfront’ many times.  He understands what the website means for small businesses (as other providers do also), however, the key for me is making sure people understand what help (financial especially) may be available for small business and ensuring clients apply for these where the cost / benefit makes sense.  Niall published the link above and ensures clients know the funds that might be available to them to help with the expense of updating or creating your new website.


As always, I never want anyone spending money (even ‘free’ money) without focusing on the core reason behind it i.e. ‘Ideal client / customer attraction’. If you don’t know what your profit level is from source or type of client OR you aren’t focusing on who you are attracting, then STOP.  Don’t waste your time updating your presence online yet.  You might only be focusing on what you want to tell the world, as opposed to focusing on what your customers are looking for (especially the high value customers). Why did the chose your site to look at? What is your competitive advantage? Are you answering their key questions on your site, if they are there to find out more information on your products (from THEIR point of view)?

When I’m with clients, these types of discussions usually lead to business owners focusing on what they want people to know about them rather than focusing on what the customer is looking for.

If you have decided to update your website and you get the Online Trading Voucher, focus on what your IDEAL client looking for.

At times, outside perspective is very helpful and at times it’s the last thing you need, as perhaps only you know who you are attracting.

Have a look at your online presence (all of it, including social sites). Is your message consistent, fresh and reflect where you are and where you want to go?

Feel free to contact Wendy at wendy@williamsmerrigan.ie for a consultation or for more information.

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