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Speaking to business owners, it is clear there’s a massive divide between people that are busy and struggling to work (maybe due to family issues) and people that aren’t working or can’t work at the moment, having their own struggle mentally with this.

EVERYBODY I speak to is suffering in some form.  Everybody is also trying their hardest to put their best face forward and deal with the current situation.

Go Easy on Yourself

If you must work but are finding it hard due to restrictions in place, GO EASY ON YOURSELF.

If you cannot work but feel you should be doing something, GO EASY ON YOURSELF.

If you need to take care of family but also feel you should be working, GO EASY ON YOURSELF.

If you MUST get something done for work but are struggling to concentrate or feel overwhelmed, GO EASY ON YOURSELF.  [I have linked a short (old) video below which might help]


Talk to your clients and discuss new and realistic time frames for completion of work.  Communication is always key to ensure good working relationships, especially in the current environment.

Seek Help

If you are struggling mentally, please reach out and talk to someone.  I firmly believe a problem shared can be a problem halved.  If you have a good listener in your close circle of friends, reach out to them.  Ask if they have time to listen as you verbalise what you feel (but stress to them that you may only need a listening ear).  While some people may mean well with the ‘keep pushing / do not worry-style talk’, this may not be what is needed.

Look after yourself.

Your Health is Your Wealth

If we have been connected for a while, you probably notice I refer to our health as our wealth a lot.  As an accountant, I see all sorts of wealth in terms of finances and yet often unhappy people.  I also see very happy and contented people that have or may not have, significant financial wealth.  Discussing finances is massively personal and I am fortunate to be trusted by many clients with their feelings about success and finances.    Being part of that trusted relationship, I also get to hear about the mental struggles facing people so while I know this is outside my area of expertise, I am writing this reflecting on the many conversations I’ve had these past number of weeks.

I often talk about time management also.  Again, probably a topic you think should not be for an accountant.  I believe how we manage our time reflects how we manage ourselves and what our priorities truly are.   I also know from running a business myself for over 10 years, that how we manage our time will determine what we earn or do not earn over the longer term.


Watching how we spend time rather than rush through life, we can see what we are putting first and what we have allocated to ‘later’.  At times these do not reflect what we believe our values to be and can cause serious stress.

If you are feeling stressed and pulled apart by various demands, take a few minutes out of your day.  Reflect on what is THE MOST IMPORTANT value in your life.  What matters most?  Reminding ourselves may seem like a basic thing or something that should not be needed, but if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it will help clear your mind.

Set your priorities and ensure you are paying attention to what is truly the most important to YOU.

I firmly believe our mental health creates our lives.  Take care

Short video if you must get things done…click on this link –  procrastination-and-overwhlem


11 May 2020

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