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We are all connected. We do not operate alone. Relationships are at the heart of every business and without them, we would have no business.

Improving your skills will enhance your business relationships, which will grow your customer base by referral or your reputation within your sector.

Whether we’re a large corporate business or a small SME or sole trader, building trusting relationships with our customers is key to growing our business.

A great way to improve your customer service skills is always step into your client’s shoes (for every interaction).

If there’s an issue to be resolved, see it from the other side. If you’re about to discuss a difficult topic, consider how your client will feel as you talk to them.

Be mindful they have other things going on. Always ask ‘Is this a good time for a chat‘ if you’re telephoning the person without giving them notice of the issue.

For example; I overheard an administrator in an office setting lately tell a client on the telephone that their boss ‘just didn’t get to’ their job one day last week and had to leave the office on another job. How do you think that client felt? Perhaps thinking; ‘I’m not important’ or ‘Other clients are more important than me‘ and most definitely frustrated I would imagine. It was apparent the person on the other side of the call was anxious.

While we know there are some smaller clients and some larger clients we deal with and there are times when we have urgent issues with clients that have to be dealt with immediately, without appreciating how all clients feel when you talk to them, it will be easy to potentially lose work.

We know clients are more likely nowadays to move service providers than in times gone by. We also know it takes time to get new clients and build trusting relationships for the long term. 

Therefore, always be sure to look after the clients you have (and avoid churning; lots of new clients, but lost clients also and therefore stable sales/profit and no growth).

Whether interacting on the telephone, in person or having a meeting, practice stepping into your client’s shoes every day. Using this method (especially when you have a difficult issue to discuss) is beneficial and like all skills, the more you practice, the better you become.

Remember how you talk to everyone will impact them and cause a ripple effect.

How would you want your ripples to look?

Practice, Learn, Grow & Repeat…

Watch your business grow from strength to strength.

Have a fantastic (short) week if you’re in Ireland


[4 June 2019]

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