Need a Plan? (And Then… Staying The Course!)

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Many business owners or soon-to-be owners have great ideas. Putting a plan together can be the difficult part for some and continuously taking focused action, can be tough too.

When wanting to GROW your business, the plan should be very clear and detailed. It must be written and have action points, deadlines and detail. Without this I believe it’s still at the ‘idea’ stage.

I’ve focused other articles on the planning stage and focusing on goals. Today, let’s focus on how we can grow using sales strategies and networking opportunities.

Two weeks ago, I hosted a workshop with the motivating Jo Collins of Sales Performance. We all know businesses without sales will not succeed. I’ve met clients of Jo’s through various events and networking and one comment recently was the fact that he didn’t have to cold call prospects. This guy was feeling ‘stuck’ wondering how to grow his business without Jo’s help and today I’m pleased to say he’s like a new man. He’s been networking and talking in a different way about his service offering and his business will no doubt be seeing the benefits financially.

On Friday evening the South Dublin Chamber Awards took place. A new category this year was ‘Networker of the Year‘. Jo won the award. Marty Whelan presented. He asked winners about their business size, what they do and generally had good banter with the winners. When Jo was asked ‘How many of you are there in your business’ she replied ‘There’s just me’, Marty joked saying that’s not great networking, but Jo told him she had a fantastic sales team with all the people she networks with and then she dedicated the award to everyone in our City West Chamber group.

Knowing the benefits of networking and how it can help you grow your business is fantastic. There’s no need to cold call or potentially spend hours trying to get in front of someone you want to sell to. Networking is a great way to grow your business.

Jo’s TOP TIP on growing your business through networking:

Get to know other people and build long term RELATIONSHIPS

Building relationships and having a long term view will always win. Get to know people, be curious about their business and take an interest in helping others grow. As an accountant in practice, I’m naturally curious about what makes all businesses tick. Think about what makes up their numbers and how others can grow their business and ask questions that will help you help them. Lately someone mentioned to me that they joined a network with the view of immediately making requests of the group (what it could do for them). If you’re thinking this way, I’d imagine you won’t get on too well in your networking efforts. If you’re new to networking, it would be worth spending time with someone who’s been in business longer and ask their advice.

For everything Sales related, Jo hosts workshops and events. The next course ‘Developing Your Business’ – see here for the date and details.

What does ‘staying the course’ look like to you? Keeping to your plan of business growth, stay focused on daily tasks that flow from your sales strategies. Ensure your team know what will grow the business in the quickest, most lucrative way. If you take ownership of the growth and sales side of your business, make sure you are focused every day on what matters most. Action every day makes a massive difference in all small businesses.

While everyone might count down to Christmas, realise there are plenty of days and weeks (and months) to continue to make an impact in your business and on your 2018 numbers.

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P.S. Well deserved Jo!

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