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It’s almost the end of July (!) Is it just me, or do the summer months go by quicker…?

Most businesses pay their staff around now. So what happens just after payday? Is it bill payment and live on what’s left or do you plan ahead?

Have you budgeted for August and know what to spend and what to save ? Or do you leave saving to the end of a month and promise yourself you’ll save whatever you have left in your account before next pay day?

One of the action points in everything you read about financial freedom is to pay yourself FIRST.   PAY DAY = SAVINGS DAY.

If you don’t already do this, starting this habit now and putting aside 10% or 20% (more or less depending what you can manage) of your income, will put you ahead of the curve.

The money goes into an investment / savings account and you have to forget about it (that’s the deal). This is long term savings.

Once you start this habit, over time you realise you can manage to put aside a small bit more (and more, in time).

In making a conscious effort to put money aside and make a plan, months and years can go by and savings are growing and growing. Setting up a small savings account now can really set you up in the longer term.

Happy Friday folks 🙂

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