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Ten minutes can change what this week will bring!

There’s a short audio link attached to this from Brian Tracy called Productivity tips (ten listed).  I know a lot of people prefer listening than reading.  If that’s you, save this article and listen when you have time.

I listen when I know it’s needed.  On those days, I’ll do it at the start of my day (before I turn on my PC).

YOU know when you need this i.e. when your wheels are spinning, or you feel overwhelmed.

Please allow yourself to STOP!

Take time out to get your head clear.  Focus on what’s important to you and your business.  This time is THE MOST VALUABLE and you never regret it.

I find many business owners don’t stop enough.  Practicing taking breaks to clear your head and re-set your priorities is a great habit to get into.

 Tips to Enhance Performance (Part 2)

What can you do for more efficiencies in your business?  Did you try any of the suggestions last week? See here for reminder of my ongoing list.

Imagine what introducing one new productivity technique each month will mean by 31 December this year.

A few suggestions below that have worked a treat for both clients and I over the years:

  • Always work from a list
  • Schedule tasks by priority (value to you / your business)
  • Separate urgent from important (and focus on what is longer term important for the first part of your day)

More to follow next week

Have a great week


**Habit Tracker update** All still going well. Month two is usually when I’m bored with my new routine.  Keeping the book close to hand is very helpful and definitely the ‘point and call’ (internally) is working well for me.  Hope you’re doing well too.

[17 February 2020]
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