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Many websites have various supports listed and to many, it has been overwhelming trying to find out what to apply for, what is relevant and what will be most beneficial. 

Time spent on applications will be wasted if you do not know full criteria, which can be disappointing, frustrating, and put you off applying for something else (depending on your energy levels).

The list from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland is very helpful.  Check out this link for the full details.

Once you have decided which to apply for, look at the detail for further details (to ensure you will satisfy all the criteria).  I have seen some strange requirements that have caught some businesses out, unfortunately.  From a practical point of view, they are a bit random and perhaps unreasonable, so if unsure, make a call before you invest your precious time and resources on any of these.  I find going direct to the source of the grant body or funding body, is the best route.

As always, feel free to share this with anyone you feel it will benefit.

I hope you have a lovely week

Wendy [8 June 2020]

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