The Three C’s (Part 2 of 3 – Focus on growing profitably)

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When focusing on profit and long term business goals, staying on track month after month can be tough.

Three C’s to consider this week if you could do with some renewed focus:


Customer Service


1   Do you accept that not every client is one you will want? Do you focus on your ideal client work, or spend time quoting for jobs that are not in your ‘ideal’ category?

Consider reviewing the previous three months sales daybook to ensure you are attracting your ideal (most profitable) clients.

2   For all businesses, customer service will determine long term success or failure. It’s not enough to be hit and miss or to not always put your client first. This needs to be at the forefront of what you do.

3   What do you do consistently? (Versus what you should do consistently?). Do you ensure your terms of business are always discussed? Do your clients understand your terms for payment? Do you review accounts, targets, cash collection, consistently? If there is one particular area of business causing you hassle right now, commit to focusing on fixing this first.

Pick one thing that you could do better going forward in your business this month and give it some renewed energy while you’re fresh after the weekend.

Work on setting priorities for your business first.

Ensure you work to your schedule and not someone else’s.

Have you tips to share in relation to the 3 C’s and how you stay focused on profitability?

Feel free to share and engage.

Happy Monday


[13 May 2019]
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