Tips to Enhance Productivity (part 1 of 3)

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What can you do for more efficiencies in your business?

A few suggestions below that have worked a treat for both clients and I over the years:

  • Use 3 screens
  • Always approach your day using the 80 / 20 Rule (80% of your rewards will come from 20% of your effort) Setting priorities by value
  • Single task
  • Set Targets
  • Planning ahead – month / overall
  • Plan ahead – daily (do your list the evening before)

What could you introduce to help make you more efficient this month?

More to follow next week (part one of three)

For more like this, see here.

*As an update for the Habit challenge – all still going great.  I’m managing to stick to new habits since reading James Clears’ ‘Atomic Habits’ and introducing a few of his great ideas.  I love looking at a visual ‘streak’ on my calendar and tracking each day.  Working with what works for me personally (I love lists).  I hope yours is going well too.

Have a great week


[10 February 2020]


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