Urgent Tasks Versus Important Tasks

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Being busy with jobs that must get done now can take over your work life.  Between rushing to and from various jobs, we don’t take enough time out to see the wood for the trees.

In order to Grow Your Business, you must get the long term ‘important’ jobs done.  Things you KNOW will help develop your business, service your clients better or make you more money in the long term.  If your business isn’t growing the way you’d like it to, it’s because these ‘important’ jobs aren’t a primary focus for you (the business owner).

Go through the questions below when you have time this week.

Ask yourself honestly if you are focused on the things you said you’d do through 2019 to grow your business.

What have you ticked off that list?

What worked?

What was tried but didn’t work so well (so we can stop doing this immediately)?

What did you not get to?

Why did you not get it done?

Is it still something you believe will Grow Your Business?

If so, and you want to focus on your own business goals for the long term, take time out this week (an hour) and review how you can get this work done (breaking it into manageable small chunks of work for either 30 mins each day or an hour).

Do it first thing in the morning, before your email is on or anyone disrupts your day.

Review what you’re doing daily and ask yourself, ‘Does this really need to be done by me?’ If not, then stop doing it.

You can’t save time; you can only spend it.  So, you need to manage your time, you do that by managing yourself.

That way YOUR business comes first.

Always remind yourself ‘Important as well as Urgent’ (every day).

Have a great week


[11 November 2019]
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