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Are communication skills valuable?  Yes, VITAL !

Always put yourself in your customers shoes when communicating with them.   

  • Ensure a great customer experience.
  • Clarity ensures clients know what to expect.
  • There should be no reason for arguments.

All arguments, in my humble opinion, are communication issues. 

Be clear about your terms on paper, but also have that conversation about expectation with your customers.  Don’t shy away from talking about your terms of business.  If it’s a busy time and you’re a little slower getting back to people than usual, that’s okay.  Just ensure your clients know what’s going on with you and your business.  You’ll find people are very considerate, if they’re kept in the loop.


Communication starts with the internal communication; how we talk to ourselves.  This is the biggest issue we face.  When working for ourselves we can be our own biggest cheerleader or the harshest critic!  Do you think this affects your business growth? Absolutely.

Watch how hard you are on yourself and your own expectations (are they reasonable?).  If you don’t pay attention to your inner critic (if it is critical), start paying attention today.

The first point of communication is internal.

What we have going on internally will come out verbally or perhaps written, to our customers or people around us, so be more aware of your internal dialogue first.

Notice if you’re taking responsibility for your life and your business yet or when things go ‘wrong’ or you’re having a challenging day, do you tend to do the blame game?  Again, this is the very first step I believe in Growing Your Business.  Grow up.  Face facts.  Take responsibility for what’s going on in your business.  Next, take proactive steps to deal with what’s going on.  Take action to Grow Your Business daily.

If you have a few challenging issues you’re facing, could improving your communication skills help your business? YES 100%

This is an area we can always improve upon.

Getting better at dealing with ‘difficult’ experiences will allow you to grow your business by getting along with more people.  You don’t have to limit yourself to not working with some people.  You want to grow the amount of people that ‘could be’ your customer.


As Bill Gates said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Have a great week


[4 November 2019]
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