What will make the biggest impact on your bottom line this month?

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Most business owners want to do something new or different in their business. Unfortunately, being the owner, self-employed and responsible for everything, takes time. A lot of the time people don’t get around to their own priority list. As a self-employed person, you find you have so much to prioritise, your own list gets neglected.

What’s the one thing you would like to do for your business that would impact the bottom line most? Is it a new market, new product or service or new marketing you want to get around to but never seem to have the time?

Knowing what impacts your bottom line and what profit margin you make on various streams of income or product type, helps us focus on what we want to grow. Yes, we all want to grow the most profitable source of income where possible.

Don’t waste time – prioritise YOUR priorities. Allocate time to start working at them every day or at least every second day as they are more important to your business than anything else (especially if you know they will impact your bottom line!).

Time is your most valuable resource. Ensuring you spend your time in the wisest way possible, every single day, is key to growing your business.

No-one else will prioritise your business. Unfortunately we all know this to be true. No-one else will have the drive, ambition and love of your business, that you have.

For those of you who know Gary Vaynerchuk (Garyvee), he talks a lot about ‘hustle’. What is ‘hustle’ and how do we make sure we’re hustling in the right way for our business? Stop talking about what changes can be made in your business, and focus on the action. Let’s start it now, this week, and make that change we know will impact our business for the best.

We can all be busy full-time but we should be actively working on something that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE to our bottom line. Hustle with that in mind. If you’re unsure what exactly will make that difference, take time out this week to work ‘on’ your business and spend time actively considering ways to make that bottom line difference.

Work on your priorities and start actioning the items (every day) that you know are important for your business.

Have a great week folks.


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