What’s your ‘why’

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Why are you working for yourself?

What are you creating?

Does your work fulfill you?

Answering your ‘why’ and other various questions when you’re having an ‘off’ day is one of the most important things you can do to refocus your energy and get your mind back into positive head space.

We always have two choices. We don’t have to work all hours for something we don’t believe in. But… we could always remind ourselves that while a part of our job might be ‘hard’ or tough to get through or not motivating us, the bigger part of what we do provides us with that something that motivates us.

Ensuring the proportion of time between the motivating part and the tough part is balanced is key.

Sitting down and writing out our answers to the questions above may seem time consuming or unnecessary (if we think we just need to pay the bills), but just paying the bills sometimes can make us question our lifestyle choices and our bigger ‘why’ keeps cropping up!

Life is short. No doubt about it. When anyone asks us as we grow older what we did with our lives, are we going to enjoy the answers? When you’re self-employed you have a bit more freedom in the work you are doing and want to do. [Personally, I believe we all have the choice even if employed, to try do more fulfilling work or change our work practices a little for the better.]

As a self-employed person though, understanding that you are creating something new in the world, your business affects not just you but your employees (if you have some), your suppliers and your general environment. You have the ability to create a positive product or service that serves future generation and serves needs right now (as well as your business need to make a profit). Seeing your larger picture in business, creating something you believe in and working towards a greater good, can all help you when you’re having that ‘off’ day.

I’d encourage everyone to be familiar with your ‘why’ list. If you’re not, try it. You might find it’s the motivation you need to help you strive for better things!

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