Which Path To Choose?

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Are you on track for achieving the goals you set for 2019? It’s now mid-July and a good time to take stock on how your half year has been.  Many businesses get quieter during summer months and this allows time to either: take more time off or get busy growing your business.

If your business isn’t where you want it to be yet, these months are great for refocusing and pushing forward. If you hadn’t set goals for 2019, have a listen to this 30-minute podcast for a 7-step guide to setting your goal and how to achieve it practically.

Once you’ve chosen the goal you want to work on, the biggest challenge can be working on that goal every single day. If you’re busy working for clients and customers every day, then take the first hour of the day and work on your business first. That way you’ll always fit in your own business development first.

Motivate yourself by remembering ‘why’ you do what you do and why you want to grow your business. What is it that drives you forward? Why is it worth working longer or harder than people you know?  Read to motivate yourself if you’re taking time out this summer.

One great tip can help change how you operate or get you thinking of new ways to work or change your profit level drastically. Taking time out allows you to reflect, but if you’ve had time out and you want to get back to being productive, remember that everything you do in your working time counts. Whether you take it handy or whether you push yourself out of your comfort zone, it all adds up. But what will it add to?

If you’re taking it handy and not pushing yourself, don’t expect great things by the end of the year. If, on the other hand, you keep pushing, get outside your comfort zone, try new things, you’ll find you will have achieved a lot more than most by 31 December 2019.

The choice is yours.

Like the Ripples article (link attached) everything you do counts.
The image (taken yesterday in Glendalough) always reminds me we have choices as we meet diverging paths, whichever we choose will have an impact on where we end up.

Do we push higher and head for the top path or accept the lower, easier road?

Re the image above, for every crossroad I came across on the bike, I choose the tough climb every second time. Knowing my limits is important, so I never end up injured in a bad way again!

Have a wonderful week,

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