Would you like 2020 to be the year you improve your finances?

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It’s a new decade as well as a new year.

This is a short note for anyone looking to improve their habits for 2020.  Was there something you wanted to achieve last year but you didn’t stay focused and it didn’t happen?

How do we make lasting change?

If you want to improve your finances, your savings, your earnings or general productivity, now is a good time to create new habits and focus on new goals.  There are posts of inspiration on all social media so ride that wave (as it doesn’t always last long… for some).

If you’ve tried many times and failed or not where you want to be, and serious about making some changes, read ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear.  This book is great for understanding where you go wrong, avoiding usual issues you face and setting up an easier way to ‘get there’.

As always, I don’t read books once and that’s it.  I enjoy picking them up, doing the work involved and seeing what I learn about how to improve. This book is a good workbook.  Write out answers to the questions as it’s always clearer on paper.  Use it as a workbook and you’ll get a lot more benefit (and the changes will last too).

The first step in this book is being clear on what you want, then paying attention to your current habits.  Practice the ‘Point and Call’ (perhaps in your mind, if you’re not alone day to day).

For anyone interested in making lasting change in 2020, I’m sticking with this book to progress through the year.  I’ll be posting short updates at the end of my articles each week and if you’re interested in having a ‘good habits buddy’, then feel free to keep on track with me.  Use your email each Monday morning as a reminder that once January passes or something happens to affect our streak of new habits, it’s most important to keep coming back and see yourself as a ‘work in progress’, what we’re becoming is a great focus, instead of all-or-nothing.  So when your new habit slides and you have an off-day or two, forgive yourself and get back on track the following day.

Financial Planning

Would you like to improve your personal finances this year; save more; spend less online; stop instant purchases to name a few?  If so, have a look at your banking online for the past month.  Yes, Christmas is an unusual time, so perhaps look back at October or your November statements.  Pay attention to where your money goes each week and month.  This month use your debit card for all purchases (or as much as possible).  That way next month we can see where money went and again, work on improving it (if needed).

See here for my own story on personal savings and financial freedom – https://wmco.ie/financial-freedom/

Socrates ‘An unexamined life is not worth living’.

Don’t judge yourself, just pay attention.  With that attention will come new changes this year.

Have a great week


[6 January 2020]


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