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  • Wendy is an expert in her field with many years of experience. She is a true professional, friendly and always goes the extra mile to help her clients. She is highly respected in the accountancy world and is always a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend her!

    Maria De Gregorio Owner, Digital Bookeeping
  • I have been a client of Wendy's for 5 years. Outside of her incredible technical skills and capabilities she cares about me and my business. I receive such a personal service from Wendy, she is responsive and generous with her time. I continue to be in awe of her organisational skills and on more than one occasion she has shared her tips and techniques to running an efficient and organised business. I strongly recommend Wendy if you are looking for someone to help guide you and your business to a place of prosperity.

    Fiona Rowley Creative Leader. Educator at UCD Innovation Academy
  • Wendy has been our External Auditor for over 8 years now. As an SME, Wendy has been fantastic at putting the timelines in place for the audit and making sure we know exactly what is needed in order for her firm to complete the audit. If you are looking for financial advise, financial planning or an auditor, I would highly recommend Wendy, you will not regret it

    Vincent Brady General Manager/Finance Director at Rathborne Candles
  • Wendy has been my accountant and financial advisor for 3 years and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her personalised advice and empathetic ear have been of particular value this last year. Wendy is generous with her time and always at the end of an email when I have a query. 10 outta 10 would recommend this super-knowledgeable, solution-focused, big-picture-seeing powerhouse.

    Carla Bredin Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) at Wild Healthy
  • Wendy has provided me with excellent accounting services This has allowed me to focus and grow my business. The financial advice Wendy has given me has helped by business go from strength to strength.

    Kieran Coughlan
  • We approached Wendy last year as we were looking for an accounting partner and advisor. I use the word partner as I really do feel that Wendy has a genuine interest in the core business and industry that her clients represent rather than just a function that is required at the end of the financial year. Her knowledge and ability to advise, especially within an ever changing backdrop of Covid-19 Government supports, compliance and regulatory changes is superb and her daily and weekly updates have been invaluable to a small retail business like ours.

    Kelly Cheung Operations Manager at Amphibian King
  • Well there are many things I can say about Wendy. Wendy has been my accountant nearly 4 years now and is always there to support, guide and direct. She is invested not only in her business, but in her clients. I especially enjoy our conversations about wellness, family and community. All of which are cornerstone values that she lives by. When I first set up my business, I made all the mistakes I could have made and even engaged the services of someone else, whom I didn't fully align with. Glad to have made the switch and I look forward to working with Wendy for many more years to come. Keep being awesome!

    Michael Stafford People Development Consultant
  • Wendy is so much more than just an accountant for us, she is a trusted business advisor & coach. We would consult with Wendy on any significant business decisions and always feel confident we are getting the best advice available. She has built a strong & trustworthy network of professionals around her, so if there is something she is not able to help with, she has referred us to someone who can. Wendy has a genuine interest in protecting & growing her clients businesses. I feel privileged to be part of her network and would have no hesitation in recommending her. A++

    Niall Robinson Sell Ladies Fashion Online
  • I got to know Wendy from her super informative Instagram & Linkedin posts and even though I was a total stranger she responded with great care and attention to initial questions that I sent over that platform. This built my trust in her immediately. I contacted her shortly after with more queries and got a sense of how knowledgeable and professional she was and at the same time down to earth and approachable. I then transferred my accounts over to her and have not looked back. Wendy is on top of everything at all times and will remind me of deadlines well in advance of issues arising not the other way around. She has totally relieved all of the pressure I felt up to this point as a start up company around my accounts and obligations with some laughter along the way. She never makes me feel that any task is too big or too small and I've learned so much from her since she took over our accounts. I can't recommend Wendys service enough. She is competent, capable, efficient and supportive in every way and I look forward to continuing to do business with her in the years to come.

    Sinéad Crowther Founder & CEO at Soothing Solutions Ltd
  • Wendy is highly responsive, proactive, organised and has a genuine passion to encourage clients to grow their business; an invaluable addition to any team. A pleasure to deal with.

    Tara Byrne REA Byrne and Quirke Sandyford
  • I know Wendy almost 3 years now and before we started working together she was already giving advice and trying to help our business so it was a no brainer to work with her properly and we have absolutely no problem about recommending her to others. Wendy goes beyond the normal accountant/client relationship... with regular emails, calls and tips on how to improve the business. many thanks for all the advice, support and guidance Wendy 👍

    Tom Dempsey Health & Safety Advisor 5⭐ EHS Software
  • Wendy has been providing accountancy services to me for three years now - unlike some other accountants who see you as just a set of numbers, her goal is to help you to grow your business and she has a genuine interest in supporting her clients. She builds trusted relationships with her clients; she is honest, ethical and direct as well as proactive, knowledgeable and responsive - exactly what you need when you trust your accounting and tax affairs to someone. Happy to recommend and thanks Wendy for all the support through these challenging times.

    Liz Barron coaching trainer - ICF Professional Certified Coach & ICF Mentor Coach
  • Wendy has provided a range of services to our companies over the past nine years. I am always happy to recommend Wendy. She has top-class technical knowledge and professional skills; manages expectations realistically; delivers on commitments; is pro-active with advice and suggestions and is always conscientious and helpful.

    Brendan Hogan Chartered accountant at RV7 Venture Holdings Ltd
  • Wendy is an incredible advisor and a valuable asset to any company she works with. She is dedicated to her work and has fantastic industry knowledge. Wendy is an absolute pleasure to work with and I could not recommend her enough after many years of being a client. If you are looking for accounting services, look no further.

    Irene Villafañe Co-founder and COO of CALT Dynamics
  • Over the last 10+ years, Wendy has provided accounting and governance services to a company of which I am a Director and in more recent years to my own company. I have always found her to be professional, knowledgable, highly organised and competent. She is approachable and very pleasant to deal with - a very good communicator. I have also been impressed by the fact that Wendy will not hesitate to recommend another professional more suited to a particular situation rather than bluff her way through it! That is the type of professional clarity and integrity that clients want. Thank you Wendy and I wish you great success with the new company!

    Paul Soffe A330 Captain, TRI/TRE(S) at ASL Airlines Ireland
  • Wendy has been our accountant for many years and has always given us the best advice through the recession and has excelled in her advice and guidance through the pandemic - I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough for her attention to detail, her dedication to our small company and it has always been a pleasure working with her over the years - thank you Wendy

    Peter Cox Managing Director at Carrig Conservation International Ltd.
  • Over the past 10+ years Wendy has provided Financial and Governance advice and information to me and several companies which I work with. Her knowledge is always current, her interest in her client’s business is informed while her approach is timely and responsive. Many thanks Wendy.

    Deirdre Ashe Independent advisor delivering Digital
  • Wendy has been a tower of strength and encouragement to me as a business owner. She is full of perspective and experience that helps you to find your way forward. She is professional, approachable and integrity based. Thank you, Wendy.

    Pauline Harley HDip Leadership Workplace Health Promotion
  • I first met Wendy as a client of mine for headshots and some corporate work. I was struck by her open nature in offering me advice about time management and doing what pays the business, learning to cut the bits that don't. Advice I heeded to the dramatic change of my business. Since then, I have seen Wendy not only save the day for businesses of my family and friends. She has mentored and run multiple seminars and workshops encouraging people in business to financial wellness and stability. True testament to look after others and the rest looks after itself. If you have any un-sureity about your business, what is paying and what is not, your business finances, your books, or just need the confidence of having a little pillar behind you propping up the post to give you a little more confidence to take calculated risks in the business. Wendy is all of those things. I couldn't recommend Wendy and Williams Merrigan as a company more.

    John Murray
  • Recommending Wendy Merrigan to anyone looking for an Accountant for their business. Customer service oriented, straight-forward, helpful and reliable approach.

    Catherine Murphy Team Lead, Focus Ireland

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