Revenue Updates

Revenue updates were posted when updated by Revenue.  These may be overwritten.  You MUST check the Revenue website for updated information, if available.  The author takes no responsibility for any action taken based on information read here.  These articles were shared for awareness purposes only and legislation may have changed or updated since these articles were written.  Please check with your advisor before taking any action based on any information contained within.

Pay day surprise ahead?

Have you checked your 2019 tax credits?  January is often the longest month when we’re waiting for payday. In December you may have received your tax credits for 2020 by post or through ROS if [...]

Pay yourself or the tax man??

This week your company may have a VAT liability, your payroll taxes for last month are due and your  preliminary corporation tax is also due! Here’s what to consider before your company year end [...]

Do NOT Throw Money Away!

Not that I think you would but without proper planning, you may not be aware of the opportunity you have in relation to Corporation Tax before 30 June. Has your company a year end of 31 December [...]

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