Are You Due a Refund?

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Last week Revenue wrote to over 125,000 taxpayers to remind them to claim their entitlements before the 31 December deadline.

PAYE workers are reminded there is a 4 year time limit for claiming tax back. Examples include: health expenses, tuition fees, nursing home fees or claiming credits such as the home carer’s tax credit.

December 2014

Therefore, once 31 December 2018 passes, people may lose out on any credits or reliefs due for 31 December 2014.

Whether Revenue wrote to you or not, you can review your records through ROS myAccount on or through the Revenue app – RevApp on a mobile device. Use the PAYE Services in myAccount.

Refunds process fast

If there is a refund due to you, the funds are usually transferred to your bank within 5 working days. Timing wise, this is great before Christmas.

What to do?

If you are a PAYE worker, check out your details on ROS and if you’re due a refund, ensure your bank account details are set up with ROS.

See tax credit list for information.

Revenue update on ROS last week. See here.

If you have any questions, Revenue phone support and MyEnquiries services are very helpful. There is still plenty of time to look at this, but don’t put it on the long finger or you may forget to go back and look at this.

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