Company year end December? (action needed now)

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I hope your weekend was good.  Today I have some small tax updates (some positive news, one update) & a book recommendation. 

Tax changes to assist

The government have introduced some schemes to help businesses suffering from Covid-19 issues.  I recently posted a video on Instagram regarding Corporation tax (if you had a December year end this is relevant as your tax is due on / before 23.9.2020)

There will be a little work involved in getting the estimates ready in advance of 23rd of September, so it’s important to action this soon if it applies to your business.

There is a similar relief for sole traders with income tax due on 12 November 2020 – see here for more information. 

Wage Subsidy update

The Wage subsidy in place from the government is about to change (from 1/9/2020).

If your business has been claiming the Wage Subsidy and hope to claim the Employment Subsidy (EWSS), you must apply for the EWSS online.  This is now available – see page 9 of the link here

Working on your own business?

For anyone working on their branding during this period, Mark Schaefer’s articles / blogs, are excellent.  His book ‘Known’ is an excellent source of practical advice to business owners.  The results from this €20 book for myself and many clients, have been fantastic. 

While you may not feel motivated during this period to work on your marketing or strategy, it can be a time to consider what you want for the future.  The book has good examples of stories and may give you the inspiration you are looking for.

Wishing you a healthy and positive week


[24 August 2020]
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