Did you set up a New Company in 2016?

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Today, 1st of September 2017, Revenue are issuing notices to companies who registered with the CRO during 2016 but have NOT registered their trading status with Revenue.

If you receive a notice, you need to reply within 30 days.

If registering to say you have commenced trading, this can be done online by your agent (a.k.a your accountant or someone in-house). The tax registration form is known as a TR2 for companies.

Alternatively, respond noting the company does not intend to trade, has not commenced trading yet or is non-resident as a Double Taxation Agreement applies.

Always respond to revenue correspondence when received. 

Actively engaging in all matters of your company tax affairs makes revenue less of a stressor in your life. The people on the other end of the telephone line in revenue want to help, clarify matters if needed and are very open and helpful with new company directors and business owners with queries.

If you need assistance or advice in relation to any revenue correspondence, do contact your professional adviser or feel free to call or email me – Wendy@williamsmerrigan.ie

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