HOME CARER TAX CREDIT – Do you know someone that might qualify?

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The value for the home carer tax credit for 2018 is up to €1,200 per year (this is up again on last year).

Are you unsure if someone you know qualifies for the Home Carer Tax Credit? If unsure, please read the revenue link below in due course.

Some of the conditions to be met are;

That you and your partner are jointly assessed for tax purposes.

The home carer must care for one or more dependent persons. A dependent person is :

–          A child for who Child benefit is payable

–         A person aged 65 years or over; or

–         A person who is permanently incapacitated by reason of mental or physical infirmity

(Does not include a spouse or civil partner)

There are income limits and other conditions mentioned in the link. The short detailed pdf is very useful with practical examples in calculating what might be due.

See link : Home Carer Tax Credit information

Any queries, please follow up with your accountant

Wendy Merrigan

Email – wendy@williamsmerrigan.ie

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