Income tax deadline approaching… dreaded words?

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Why not prepare early and know what the outcome will be, well in advance of the looming deadlines? Being prepared in advance allows time to raise finance (if a larger bill is coming than expected) rather than that last minute panic.

At Williams Merrigan we can help you draft your return early and consider what type of pension top up you might want to do during the summer months, so no nasty rushing or panicking as deadline dates approach.

For any newly appointed directors (through 2016), you have an obligation to file a tax return for 2016 regardless of whether or not you have any non PAYE income and whether you believe your taxes have been paid. The obligation for filing a tax return is for all company directors!  It’s a simple procedure and won’t cause too much hassle or stress, but be aware, you must file.

If there’s anything we can do to help, please contact Wendy Merrigan or Williams Merrigan on the direct line 01 6099185 or main line 01 6765800 or

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