Pay day surprise ahead?

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Have you checked your 2019 tax credits?  January is often the longest month when we’re waiting for payday.

In December you may have received your tax credits for 2020 by post or through ROS if you’re a user of the Online System (ROS).

Many credits can change, which could leave you with less net pay this month (or more), but I’d urge you to look at your tax credit certificate and see how your credits are allocated and if everything is included.

As you know, there are no P60s for 2019 and if a staff member is looking for proof of income for mortgage approval for example, point them to this short post

Here’s hoping payday comes around quickly for everyone, while not wishing our lives away!

Have a great week


[13 January 2020]

**Update on 2020 Habits progress**

During the past 7 days, I’ve kept the ‘streak’ alive.  I love the concept and it works well for me.  I also have a visual which is good click-here-to-see

I’ve noticed it really is the small things as James points out in Atomic Habits.  If I put on my sports clothes when I walk through the door in the evening, it pushes me back out the door as I naturally feel ready to go out.  The two minute ‘trick’ and the visual streak ideas are definitely working for me.  How are you doing? Which bits of the book work best for you?

I hope you’re doing good too and are using the book DAILY to keep you on track.  Reading a few pages daily (I leave it on my sitting room table) means it’s there every day and reminding me visually also.

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