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You are busy. You have jobs to get done and invoices to send out and cash to collect. You have calls to return, paperwork on your desk that needs attention, an inbox online that keeps filling. What do you do first?

We have three things to do in our business each day, week, month etc.

Get work in

Get work done

Get paid for work done

Let’s not over-complicate things for this short article. If you think about your business, you can most likely slot a lot of what you do into these three headings.

The monthly madness I refer to is when I see anyone spending time on 1 and 2 above and not prioritising number 3.

Without number 3 our take home pay is zero. We work for ourselves and yet prioritise our clients all day, every day.  I believe you should work on your business first. Once you have a business, then you are getting work in and getting it done I’m assuming for now. No matter what stage you are at, even if you’re still in what you consider to be ‘start-up’ mode, you still need to focus on your business first.

You will continuously be busy so don’t think, ‘I’ll focus on that when I have time’ unless you are keeping specific time free to work on your business, this will never happen. It just doesn’t. We stay busy and weeks and months fly by.


Block booking time to work on your business is an easy way to make sure you prioritise your business. Not just getting paid for work done – sending invoices and actively chasing payments, but also business development work. How will your business develop and grow in the direction you want to take it, without allocating time to this important task? Answer is, it won’t happen.

Block book either your first hour, half hour or half a day if you can a week to work on your business development. Find time in your schedule as though this was a very important doctors appointment you had to attend. No other meeting or client can have this slot and you must keep this time free to work on your business. Once you’ve done this a few times, you see the massive benefits it brings and it gets easier (I promise). Nothing feels good or easy the first time we do it, but if the business owner isn’t working on business development, who is?


Make sure you don’t spend too long in one area of your business. Ensure business development is done, reviewing quality work and staff development, while also ensuring admin roles and accounts roles are on track also. Look through your diary and ensure your time is balanced. You shouldn’t find you spend so much time getting work in, that the review isn’t being done or the invoices are out but cash isn’t being collected and needs your input. Finding a balance that works for you and your business will help you get a handle on everything. Breaking down something that feels overwhelming and too big to tackle. Colour code tasks if you like that sort of thing (I do) and break one big task into small chunks you can fit into your already busy day.

Don’t continue down a road where you feel overwhelmed or anxious. Stop, take time out and review what needs to be done that is causing the highest level of anxiety and make that a priority. By doing so, you are making your business (and your mental health) a priority also.

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