Planning for your week ahead

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As mentioned in the short video on Friday (on IGTV & LinkedIn), working from a list will ensure your priorities get done. Focus on your work and ignore non-urgent distractions (like emails or phone calls) until later in the day.

Remember :

Time in work =  Focus on Quality of time

Time at home = Focus on Quantity of time

To ensure you always make the most of your time at work, consider using the 80:20 rule for setting tasks each day. Prioritise the work by the VALUE of the task being done. Get the valuable work done first and early in the day.

If you do not have anything urgent or important to do right now, relax a little and try enjoying the time at home.  Focus on your health and well-being. Do not put pressure on yourself if it is not needed.

Here’s a copy of the video link for those who don’t like reading. 

Have a great week


27 April 2020

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