Time Management – where to start

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Do you want to Grow Your Business but struggle with time management so don’t know where to start?

If so, the following short video will help get you on track this week. (Tip : hit the ‘cc’ button below if you want to see the subtitles)

Looking too far ahead can feel overwhelming.  If you can’t think longer term or even 6 or 12 months ahead, focus this exercise on what you can do this month to Grow Your Business.

There are 20 working days on average in the month so list roughly 5 key things that will make a difference to your bottom line and action one item at a time.

Break every task into smaller chunks if you don’t have time to get it done in one day.  Ideally, break out tasks to one-hour activities and do that BEFORE you open email or work on anything else for your business.

That way your own business growth comes first.

Wishing you a productive week.


[21 October 2019]


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