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We’re into the second full working week of 2019.  I believe today is supposed to be ‘the most depressing day of the year’.  What a title!  Unfortunately negativity sells.  It’s a sad fact of life, but a reason for watching where your attention goes and more reason to watch your internal dialogue this month.  


Like many clients, in order to manage my work and life balance, at times I cut out the media.  There are so many negatives without inspiration or focus on what can be done, that I find cutting it out helps.  Whether or not you see this as a resolution, many clients have cut back on social media and are focused on their work / life balance (see last weeks article here).  However, keeping abreast of what we must in our business, is definitely important. 

Revenue issued the following eBrief at the end of December.  It covers the following areas; Update to VAT Tax and Duty Manual:

Rollators, Food Supplements, Vouchers, Pharmacists, Staff canteen services, Opticians, PCP’s, Food and Drink and TDM Index. 

Did you know you can sign up for the Revenue eBriefs and keep on top of what’s new or updated in your sector?  By signing up here.

As emails come in, you can ignore anything not related to your sector however, you’ll also see anything relevant to you in the header email, if it does apply to you.


Monitor Social Media / Distractions online

If you find the media and social media takes a little too much of your time, while working this week, monitor how many hours (half hours) or times you get distracted when on the internet for work related activities and find your focus straying. 

This is a lovely exercise that will help you keep a note of how productive you are when in work.  Becoming more self-aware in this manner will help focus your attention, keep you working when you’re at work, and get you home faster to your loved ones.  

Categorise Emails

Emails that are not directly work related can also take over your days.  If you’re always checking email you can practice filing them by category as soon as they arrive.  Anything not work related could be ‘yellow’ for example.  Decide these will only be responded to when and if you have time before you log off.  Over time you’ll notice by dealing with them all at the one time, you will manage them better and they distract you less and less over time. 

Remember, what you focus on GROWS.   The key word there is ‘you’.  It’s your choice.  Have a fantastic, productive week.

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[14 January 2019]

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